Always Safe

Safety Credentials

Heartland’s company goal is to provide safe and healthful working conditions to its employees, customers, and the public at large. Through proactive training and compliance programs, Heartland is continually updating and modifying its safety procedures in order to ensure a safe workplace.

  • Provide all PPE ensuring that each employee has appropriate training to inspect and use all equipment.
  • Climbers provided with Comtrain Basic Tower Safety and Rescue.
  • Perform periodic inspections of all safety equipment.
  • Weekly safety meetings.
  • Daily Tailgate meetings to discuss on-site conditions and work procedures.
  • All employees are trained in First Aid and CPR.
  • Employee safety and safe behavior always take precedence.


Comtrain was the FIRST to develop a Tower Safety & Rescue Training program and is considered the premier tower safety training company in the industry.

Since 1996 Comtrain has provided climbing safety, fall protection, rescue, and rigging training for hundreds of companies, government organizations, and all US Armed Forces branches around the globe.

CITCA – Communications Industry Training and Certification Academy

We have a regional training facility, which is one of four training facilities in the country. This facility has both indoor and outdoor towers, which allows training to occur year-round.